Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Evo speed Slow ?Take a few steps to resolve it

There are lot of EVO customers are facing sudden downtime or slow speed internet services. Sometime it happens that EVO signals are fine but services are very slow and browsing speed is almost zero.
There are many problems in the world for humans,another problem is slow speed of internet these days people are facing Slow speed issue of PTCL usb evo which is consider High speed wireless portable internet Device.
many of people show different Rating about evo services in Pakistan.there are many of users that complaint about the services of ptcl Evo device.

there are different elements that should be noted in case of receiving slow speed after taking some few steps your speed will increase significantly
check the internet Signal Strength which is most important Factor of speed.

  1. Check Evo Connectivity Signal Strength

if you are not receiving Good signal strength then you can not gain good speed please change the location of your Pc/ Laptop and find the best location that show good signal strength.
Most Important thing about evo usb is to have good signal strength if you have less and compromise with strength so remember no software could help you to give you best speed on evo wireless.there are many of devices that perform only in this case of that their hardware is providing the excellent quality same as it EVO usb is work good with signal strength.
There are many people always searching online solution for the technical assistance for the configuration of  PTCL EVO.
PTCL evo is one of largest selling brand for High speed and portable device which provide the high Speed of connectivity and High speed of downloading for internet.there are many of problems comes into your life for ptcl internet but there is always solution behind the problem.whenever you face the problem don,t angry and frustrate be calm and cool find the reason and then choose the best way to solve it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

There are many problems occurs in day. Computer problems are so irritating for people. There are many computer experts, developers are trying to find out problems daily and resolved them. But it is becoming very difficult for everyone to pay such fees for checkup of computer. Therefore it is required a software which your computer to find our what going to wrong with this computer. 

ESET SysInspector 32-bit version Download
ESET SysInspector 64-bit version Download

USB device not recognized how to resolved in Pakistan

Most Common Problem Related Computer is USB Not connected properly.
as i told you i wil try to resolve your most common issues and problem that you never understand related computer.
if you are facing problem related USB not recognise even device is already used on same computer just like you are using your mobile daily as storage memory and suddenly your computer showing error related

USB device not recognised so how to resolve this issue. first you need to know how this happen to your computer and second how to resolve.
Solution is simple you are trying to connect USB plugin device that already plug in many times after few times your device circut damaged little bit and become free when you plugin it need to be tight and fit properly.
So you you need to connect it properly now therefore you need an external USB Hub that can connect your device properly that computer recognized it. 

Why My PTCL Internet So Slow "Solution in urdu"

Why my DSL internet So Slow, we my internet so slow, PTCL EVO so slow internet, looking for solution of PTCL Slow Internet speed,
We always listen from our Customers that complaining internet speed so slow, internet connection is very slow, how to boost internet speed, on which Package PTCL providing best speed, any tips to increase internet speed so you don,t need to worry about any slow speed, read above urdu article to resolve internet speed.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

is your computer speed too much slow Resolve in 1 click

Download latest collection of Pakistani Software that resolve your computer issues in few clicks.There are many of software that really work outstanding in their performance. There are many registry software that help out in many cases. But we always recommend the software which is working compatible with ptcl services.   

PTCL introduced 750 Rs. Package for new customers

PTCL recently update their 3G EVO wingle. There are many millions f BroadBand users who are enjoying PTCL services. PTCL recently update their EVO Wingle. It is mostly observed that customers are always waiting for watching the change in PTCL Charges and package volume. Some of users who have more usage of PTCL bandwith need to get higher volume of GB.

Monday, May 9, 2016

ptcl Complaint Website

if you having any Dsl Complaint about ptcl you Can submit your Application Here.you can Easily Submit You Application to our online Agent You can Chat With Through Skype Messenger.There is our officer Which Note your Application and Freely Submit All Complaints.
If you Need Any inquiry about out ptcl Services So not to Worry Talk Live With PTCL Worker.
We Cover All Pakistan.
PTCL lunch Complaint Registration Management Services to register  complaint against your services performance.

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