Wednesday, September 16, 2015

PTCL Smart TV app not working (Resolved)

Ptcl customers are facing issue of PTCL Smart tv app is not working which is available to download from PTCL Website. There are many problems occurs in the PTCL installed app, so PTCL is not supporting anymore to install app of PTCL Smart Tv.
ptcl is now providing the online web based program on which you have to click on live tv so you can easily run all tv channels online.

Please visit above PTCL Authorized Link to watch online TV channels.

Friday, April 3, 2015

PTCL Smartlink App unable to call or call hangup problem - Resolved

PTCL Smartlinks app is unable to call

PTCL Smartlink unable to call or call hangup problem is common issue in PTCL smartlinks app is not calling from App id and call even in possible like 1218 or 1236 so it is frustrating to customers now the issues  is basically with internet connectivity or setting issues.

Why you can not make call

When it is found that many customers are facing same issue relating unable to call it is asked to customers to call 1218 and registered your complaint and normally it is resolve in 24 hours.The Customers are still unable to make call please
check internet connectivity because 
its normally happend due to delay in packts of internet so in case you feel internet is working wifi is working opening all the things but your app not receiving internet packets properly.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

PTCL SmartLink App advantages and disadvantages and Problems

Smart Link App is one of amazing PTCL Andriod Application which enable to you make your PTCL Landline No. on your sim. it is very interesting to have home landline no. on your mobile phone. you can easily make calls from your home landline no.

Advantages of Smart Link App

  • If you have no balance in your Sim Connection you can dial easily call from your Landline No.
  • You did not need to transfer contacts, your mobile automatically synchronize your mobile phone book.
  • You have unique ID and its PTCL No. which only issue against you no, you can make calls through new no. which is free of cost.
Disadvantages of Smart Link App

  • You cannot call from your home no. call from your new No. which is issued against your no. 
  • Many time you cannot call its shows error hang up.
  • every time you reset your phone then  install again this app new number will be activated against your landline which is known as smart link id. its irritate your friends & family that you have every time new no. 
PTCL Smartlink problems,PTCL Smartlink issue,PTCL Smartlink not calling,PTCL Smartlink unable to call,PTCL Smartlink Call hangup problem, in case of these problem you can ask solution in comments to our author.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

is your computer speed too much slow Resolve in 1 click

Download latest collection of Pakistani Software that resolve your computer issues in few clicks.There are many of software that really work outstanding in their performance. There are many registry software that help out in many cases. But we always recommend the software which is working compatible with ptcl services.   

Sunday, February 9, 2014

USB device not recognized how to resolved in Pakistan

Most Common Problem Related Computer is USB Not connected properly.
as i told you i wil try to resolve your most common issues and problem that you never understand related computer.
if you are facing problem related USB not recognise even device is already used on same computer just like you are using your mobile daily as storage memory and suddenly your computer showing error related

USB device not recognised so how to resolve this issue. first you need to know how this happen to your computer and second how to resolve.
Solution is simple you are trying to connect USB plugin device that already plug in many times after few times your device circut damaged little bit and become free when you plugin it need to be tight and fit properly.
So you you need to connect it properly now therefore you need an external USB Hub that can connect your device properly that computer recognized it. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Top 5 wordpress Security plugins PTCL Verified

many of wordpress users are facing security issue.there are millions of website having security issues.people are facing normally hacking website html page or index page is changed and showing website hacked.there are number of reasons behind it normally cheap hosting providers do these tricks with their customers so these blogging website need some security plugins that even your own hosting client cannot get you because you installed security script to avoid security issue.if you are facing problem of hacking your website or change index as you feel your website is going good suddenly you got email contain website locked or account suspended due to high usage and some time hacker try to hack your shared server and try to get access to your shared server so all the information and data could be access through your website.therefore hosting provider locked your account and you face many problems include google bots that could not reached to website.
Here is Top wordpress self hosting website plugins that help you to prevent from Hackers.

  • WordFence Security plugin
Wordpress top Security Plugin which is known as wordfence Security.its free wordpress security plugin that help you to secure your is also best security shield including firewall,scanning online,check real time traffic and many more is consider best because of wordpress rating and recommendations of professional wordpress Experts with help you to check your security bugs and verify that issues which normally you ignore or forgot to keep secure.mostly hackers attack through core files so wordfence make it sure to secure your core files.
do you want to see Screenshots  1--2--3

  • BulletProof Security 

Bulletproof Security is one of most famous wordpress security plugin which is also in our Verified list.these days it known as 2013 Best Security plugin which gives you best protection against XSS,RFI CRLF CSRF,Code injection base64 and hacking index page and php is bundle of full security contain high Security Protection is comprehensive plugin which allow user to mange their security help you to check header css errors and java script error,Database error and many more errors which you really need to check and resolve. it is becoming high rated and most downloaded plugin script in wordpress plugins list.
it help you to verify login security issues.mostly wordpress users having admin user therefore it become easy to crack that password and security is damaged by Bulletproof make it confirm to limited attempt of login of wordpress security.therefore you feel free after installing bulletproof security plugin.
Do you want to see Screenshots  1---2---3---4---5

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Best Sitemap plugin For Wordpress Users-PTCL Verified

Ptcl verified the Google Xml Sitemap  generator for wordpress which is normally required every website.there are many of plugins are coming day by day and our ptcl experts also testing and checking best plugins for websites Seo xml sitemap is currently working With extra ordinary features and its valuable feature is to ping the search engine with every new post.after installation its generate the sitemap for website to index your website in main type of search engine like Google Yahoo Bing and others.

Now question is Why Google Xml sitemap is best still?
answer is simple google xml sitemap does not effect search engine terms and other sitemap face bug issues while during index of websites therefore its important to reached to Main search engine and your all pages should be index.Some sitemap face bots problem and suddenly Google web master tool rejected sitemap due to unreached sitemap file that normally need to be created manually or uploaded to hosting server while google xml Sitemap does not need to do such steps.its simple and easy just download and install and start working.Looking for Updated plugin that normally not available on other websites.
Download our Ptcl Trust Sitemap with our Scanned version