Friday, April 20, 2018

How to solve slow internet problem at home

Internet Speed slow found the real error.

Internet speed is one of the biggest issues of the nation. There are thousands of reasons for slow internet. Internet Speed based on the performance of people work. If you are working online on the project of any work and internet speed goes down. You will be starting the panic. Therefore, people start complaining to the service providers. Some time problem comes from our end. You can resolve issues by following steps. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Why My PTCL Internet So Slow "Solution in urdu"

PTCL internet solutions 

There are lot of Problems occurs in the services. Many of People complaint about their problems are not taken as seriously but we concern your problem. Many of times it happens that problems come from customer own end so it is important to resolve your end problem. 

Why my DSL internet So Slow, we may face internet so slow, PTCL EVO so slow internet, looking for the solution of PTCL Slow Internet speed,
We always listen from our Customers that complaining internet speed so slow, internet connection is very slow, how to boost internet speed, on which Package PTCL providing best speed, any tips to increase internet speed so you don,t need to worry about any slow speed, read above Urdu article to resolve internet speed.
There are thousands of internet Broad Band users in Pakistan but some users complain about their slow internet service. PTCL offer shared speed to their customers. It could be up and down int he internet speed connection. 

Live TV Channels on Smart tv app HD TV Channels

PTCL provides HD TV Channels services for their users. PTCL provides technical support online for their customers as well as their users can easily access their channel.
Live TV Channels on Smart TV channels App, TV channels are normally played well on internet high speed but due to high speed of internet connect quality of TV Channels are such good. Pakistani High Quality Live TV Channels. There is list of TV Channels including Sports TV Channels, News TV Channels, Entertainment TV Channels, Dramas

There are different platforms to watch online drams and TV channels or news channels, PTCL Introduce High Quality solution. PTCL want to join high quality providers. Therefore, they provide Pakistani channel lists that is really HD quality. To watch ptcl smart tv channels you need to pay small fees as billing. to know about it. please search about smart tv packages.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Slow Speed at Batapur Jallo Momenpura and related areas

There are many areas in which ptcl users are facing slow down of internet services. Mainly Batapur and Jallo areas which is effected due to Orange Train construction, PTCL is working on it to provide high quality services in this regard. Habib construction working on this project and its almost near to complete in other areas but due to some delay in this matter. PTCL is unable to resolve these minor issues. but large no of users still can enjoy quality internet services in this areas.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

PTCL Smart TV app not working (Resolved)

Ptcl customers are facing issue of PTCL Smart tv app is not working which is available to download from PTCL Website. There are many problems occurs in the PTCL installed app, so PTCL is not supporting anymore to install app of PTCL Smart Tv.
ptcl is now providing the online web based program on which you have to click on live tv so you can easily run all tv channels online.

Please visit above PTCL Authorized Link to watch online TV channels.

if your application is not working properly so you have to reinstall application because some time it 
happend application not work untill restarts and if any problem remain in installation so it requires to 
reinstall application. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Print a document without printer (Amazing Services)

Print a document is command to get the hard copy of the document which you create as draft in the computer. It is important to have external device like printers to get hard copy of the printer.
We are starting amazing and interesting services for those who need urgent print of their documents, like CV Print, Documents Print, Email Print, invoice Print and many more type of important and urgent documents.
if you are looking for CV print you can submit your request in comments or at our email. Procedure is simple
  1. Send us Your name contact and address through email
  2. send us your document/presentation/CV/data what you need to get print(attachment)
  3. we will send you, Envolpe with your prints at your door step through TCS/UMS (Small fees of courier need to pay by customer.
  4. Email us at 

wow Prints Received at home amazing 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

How to Prevent Data or computer from Hack learn in urdu

there are many ways to prevent and secure your data.people having lot of information and data that need to be secure therefore it is important o secure the data so many of computer experts published article to save the data from hacked or Computer should be save from can read this time in urdu to prevent from being hacked.

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